Contract Review & Negotiation

A successful medical practice begins with good contracts. While having a good attorney is key for reviewing employment agreements, MSAs, and PSAs, you also need someone in your court to look out for your interests from a medical business perspective. ABISA has years of experience reviewing and negotiating such contracts. We will actively and aggressively pursue every new contract negotiation or renewal as a means to amend unfavorable terms and conditions.

MSAs. As medical practices partner with practice management companies, a Management Services Agreement is put into place. The team at ABISA has extensive experience working with both entities and is highly qualified to take on this endeavor with your attorney so that the final MSA looks out for your interests as a medical provider.

PSAs. Hospitals are continuing to give thought and direction to their physician alignment strategies and this has yielded some fairly interesting Professional Services Agreements. ABISA will work with your attorney throughout the negotiations to help ensure the value is maximized for you as a provider and for your professional livelihood.

Provider Employment Agreements and Medical Director Arrangements. It is about more than just compensation and coverage obligations; these agreements can be fairly unpredictable. ABISA will work with your attorney to ensure negotiations go more easily and quickly by helping the parties seek an efficient and fair resolution to the issues.

Vendors. Many problems encountered in managing nightmare contracts are a direct result of poor communications. We have a proven track record of negotiating vendor contracts. ABISA believes in building trust and credibility with vendors in order to work with them as partners vice adversaries.

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