Financial Performance Analysis

ABISA is often called into medical practices to provide an outside opinion on how well the practice is operating. In each instance, we use our skill and experience to review the situation to determine the current status of a given medical practice. There are a multitude of variables that impact the financial opportunity a practice can realize from a financial performance analysis including its current cash flow position and whether its financial state is critical or not.

Identifying the financial strengths and weaknesses of your medical practice. Our process of detailed financial statement review focuses on principle elements that are critical to your particular practice. Our team will evaluate the financial position of your business in terms of solvency, profitability, activity, and earnings ratios.

Identifying financial trends and review of capital structure. We will present specific opportunities for the practice to use in implementing changes to achieve a better performing business.

Service line analysis. Our team will compare the financial performance of the practice's different service lines. Additionally, we will prepare financial projections, such as those associated with the launch of a new service line.

No stone unturned. We believe in a holistic approach regarding financial performance analysis, including review of provider productivity and technology utilization.

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