Telemedicine Consulting

Telemedicine needs are different for solo and small group practices. Maybe you are just getting started in your planning for telemedicine services. Or, you may be well down the path and are just looking for some additional guidance. Our company has partnered with leaders in the telemedicine industry. We are ready to assist you with solutions for your telemedicine practice.

Strategic Plan Development. We will work with you on the many aspects that must be researched as applicable to your specific needs including licensing requirements, reimbursement assessments, and market analysis.

Legal and Financial. Laws vary from state to state, but our team will ensure your program is compliant prior to any launch. We will also work with you on any financial support needs your practice may have in order to begin a successful telemedicine service.

Pilot Design and Launch. Our team will perform a detailed review of technology requirements and work with you on vendor selection. We will also work with your team on the nuances of provider scheduling and the impact on workflow as it applies to your particular practice.

Accreditation. We can help guide you through one of the accreditation programs currently available for telehealth programs.

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